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Customer Testimonials

  1. Bill Comack The Villages, Florida 32163
    "We have lived in the Villages for 2 1/2 years. Since living here we used bottled water for coffee & tea. Now we use tap water, Pegasus water is as good or better than bottled. All the chlorine smell & gunk are gone. Showers are better, dishes spot free, clothes are cleaner & we feel better about using the water."
  2. Judy Strosnider The Villages, Florida 32162
    "Love, love, love my Pegasus water system! It takes less detergent and your clothes come very clean! Dishes come out of dishwasher sparkling! So glad I made the purchase."
  3. Charles Ricks The Villages, Florida 32163
    "I had made up my mind that we would not buy at the first showing of your system. To make a long story short we are extremely pleased to have the Pegasus system which was installed that afternoon. We appreciate the new quality of our water and highly recommend your system as a wise investment."
  4. The Villages, Florida 32163
    "Pegasus water system is everything we were told it would be in demonstration. What a difference in our water! We love our new water system and definitely feel it was one of our better investments. Don't hesitate invest now, you wont be sorry!"
  5. Ed & Jo Ellen Shaw The Villages, Florida 32163
    " Robert, No more smelly water! No more bottled water! We are so very pleased with our water system! I always have my personal water bottle filled to the brim several times a day. We also enjoy our showers more because there is no more odor! It was a pleasure working with you and your installers. You are a great group!"
  6. Miki McClelland The Villages, Florida 32163
    I purchased the Nova water filter system and thought I was saving money but in my case I wasted money. The Pegasus water system has met my expectations. Now I get the quality of water I want to maintain my home, appliances and no more water spots on dishes cleaned in my dishwasher. I no longer buy bottled water to enjoy good tasting healthy water for drinking and cooking. Pegasus water system should have been my first choice!